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Remember the time you managed to lose all your precious skins on betting matches?
Have you ever dreamed of improving your betting skill for absolutely free, without taking any risks?
If you answered yes to both of these questions, you came to the right place! is a website created purely for fun and improving your betting skills. You do not win, or lose anything when you bet! This is your chance to prove yourself and your friends how good at betting you really are! Start betting Counter Strike: Global Offensive matches for virtual money, analyse your bets, climb the ranking and obtain various achievements!
In addition to all these free features, we also organise tournaments in which you have the chance to win skins for absolutely FREE. We will never charge you anything!

Join now trough Steam, collect your ten virtual dollars and start betting!
If you have any questions, or ideas make sure to contacts us via our e-mail
(You can find our email under the “Contact” heading in the footer).
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